Inspired by the knapped surface of flint from Neolithic and Early Bronze Age stone tools, the Arrowhead Yunomi is crafted using the pinching technique which has been utilised by humankind for 17,000 years.


With a Matt creme glaze on the outside to soften the carved surface and a tin white glaze on the inside to create a food-safe surface, this little cup features a round bowl and thin, footed base with the M A N I F E S T O mark. The Arrowhead Yunomi can be used for espresso, matcha or even a tiny garden for your succulent pups.  Each Arrowhead Yunomi has subtle differences in shape and appearance due to the rustic technique used to create it and may appear different from the photograph supplied.



H7.5cm x W7.5cm

Arrowhead Acorn Yunomi

  • To retain the quality of your new M A N I F E S T O product and ensure longevity, hand-washing with a non-abrasive sponge in warm, soapy water is recommended.