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The Cloud incense holder series finds inspiration from cloud and fog formations witnessed during a residency in Iceland and features a wild glaze created from seaweed ash. 


Every cloud that sits along the top of the incense holder is carefully pressed from a textured, terracotta clay using the width of my thumb and forefinger to create its cupped form. Each cloud is then attached to the delicate main base which has been formed by hand, through coiling and pinching clay. These techniques allow for each Cloud Incense Holder to be completely unique in personality and appearance, which is complimented by the rustic glaze applied. The exterior is coated with a wild glaze created from seaweed ash and mussel shells, which has been applied loosely; forming a textured surface of lichen greens and soft browns. The seaweed used was collected from a remote beach in the west of Scotland and the mussel shells are a byproduct from our kitchen and orignally harvested from Loch Fyne. Each Cloud Incense Holder is glazed with a shifting metallic glaze on the interior, which glitters and shifts light across the rustic surface of the clay when turned in the hand.


A little extra note on the seaweed harvest - only enough seaweed to create 200mls of glaze was collected, and no fixed or living seaweed was taken.



H7cm x W10.5cm x D9.5cm

Cloud Incense Holder: Fog Drift

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