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The Contemplation Tray is designed to hold precious collections of artefacts - particularly tide-smoothed pebbles or agates - for a personal altar or meditation practice.


The trays are sculpted from terracotta clay using the width of my thumb and forefinger to press into the clay and create a series of cups to hold each artefact. They are worked into as the clay begins to turn almost leatherhard and coated with a wild glaze created from seaweed ash and mussel shells. The glaze has been applied loosely, forming a textured surface of lichen greens and soft browns. The seaweed used was collected from a remote beach in the west of Scotland and the mussel shells are a byproduct from our kitchen and orignally harvested from Loch Fyne. 


A little extra note on the seaweed harvest - only enough seaweed to create 200mls of glaze was collected, and no fixed or living seaweed was taken.



H2cm x W8.5cm x L23cm

Contemplation Tray: Kelp

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