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Influenced by the complex system of roots that connect fungi together deep underground, The Mycelium Candle Holder suspends a single candle within a protective nest of ceramic coils that twist and connect together to form an elaborate structure.


Ideal both as a festive centrepiece or rustic decor piece throughout the year; The Mycelium Candle Holder has been slowly crafted by hand over a period of two weeks. As the Spring seedlings were pushing through the soil outside, the structure within was also growing in complexity with each day that passed. Coils of rich, terracotta clay were carefully joined, patiently allowing the structure to rest before the next coils were added. 

The Mycelium Candle Holder  is crafted from terracotta crank clay which is subsequently painted with a loose coating of white slip. This series features a toasty blush across the form which was created through sharing a kiln with seaweed ash glazes. It adds a beautiful, rustic depth to the piece.



L16cm x H21cm x D16cm

Oyster Mycelium Candle Holder

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