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Making with Manifesto

Unleash your inner potter


Throughout 2020, Katie Rose Johnston will be offering a series of informative and playful workshops both in her home studio and across Central Scotland. Join Katie for an afternoon of experimentation and play with stoneware clay in a welcoming and informal environment which is inclusive for all ages and abilities. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops on the

M A N I F E S T O instagram page!

"The experience was personal. Katie was very kind and patient, she shared stories and taught us techniques which I enjoyed"

Private Tuition

Want to learn how to craft your own contemporary ceramics with Katie in her garden studio? Get in touch via the contact page to learn more about private sessions which run from £35. 

Work crafted by Previous Participants

"Katie guided us all with kindness and encouragement...Brilliant to see our unique visions come to life."

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