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from nature

A series of quiet films exploring different craft processes, materials and techniques

"Currently, experimenting with new materials and processes is very rewarding; for example woodwork and stone carving. I’m curious to find ways of integrating these materials with my ceramics and I gain a lot of joy from playing with these in the studio".

-Interview with Hege In France

Come on into the studio as I build a D.I.Y mould and deckle from a recycled scaffolding board and the resulting paper that it makes.


This project was very rewarding as it allowed me to use up lots of scraps from around the studio as well as dusting off the old faithful circular saw. The resulting paper is very rustic and perfect for writing-letters-in-a-croft daydreams!

Join me in the studio for some meditative pewter casting, as I learn how to craft a wax seal coin. Delft casting pewter is a relatively simple process which makes it perfect for a beginner foundry. This process was a lot of fun to experiment with and I thoroughly recommend that you go forth and try it too!


Caution: Be sure to melt your pewter in a ladle or saucepan which will not get used for food or drink to avoid contamination. For extra safety, choose lead-free pewter from a reliable seller and be sure to melt it in a space with plenty of ventilation or ideally outside.

Welcome back to the studio as I learn how to make Oak Gall Ink! For this video, I experimented with both a steel wool/vinegar solution and traditional Ferrous Sulfate (known historically as Copperas) to see how the results would differ. The steel wool/vinegar solution had a greeny-brown undertone compared to the blue-grey ferrous sulfate ink. When swatched alongside the raw oak gall ink with no additives they created a beautiful selection of colours that were very fun to play with! The ink with the ferrous sulfate produced the nicest result for writing with a dip-pen, alongside the raw oak gall ink which has a beautiful ochre tone.

All in all, this was a very fun and interesting project to undertake and I hope you are inspired to go forth and forage for your own inks!

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